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    CN EN

    World -class

    new material system service provider

    Experienced three entrepreneurship,
    China Lucky has now transformed from the traditional photosensitive material manufacturer to printing&imaging materials and high -performance membrane materials.

    China Lucky always insists

    China Lucky Group Co., Ltd. has been persisting in the “three self-spirit” of self -reliance, independent innovation, and self -improvement, promoting the spirit of the great Party building, and practicing the aerospace culture to carry forward the fine tradition of Lucky. In the era of the era, color film, and digital technology, the era of new energy materials has been entered into the era of new energy materials. It has been successfully transformed into a new material system service provider from the traditional photosensitive material supplier.

    • 1958

      Lucky was built in 1958

    • 21

      It owns 21 companies

    • 3000

      More than 3,000 professional and technical personnel


    Rename to China Lucky Film Group Corporation


    Overall merging into China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Corporation


    Successfully transformed by traditional photosensitive material suppliers


    Baoding Cine Film Factory,founded in the Western Suburb of Baoding,Hebei.


    The first generation of color film in China came out in Baoding.

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